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The bleeding patient – yours and our challenge.
We are committed to continuous innovation to make intuitive, high quality products that deliver robust point-of-care performance.
Dr. Thomas Ebinger
CEO Tem Group
Chris de Pijper
CEO Tem International GmbH
Dr. Oliver Kohr
Vice President Tem Innovations GmbH
Andreas Ritzi

Assistentinnen der Geschäftsleitung

Ariane Becker
Executive Assistant
Bettina Meigen
Executive Assistant

Internationale Vertriebsleitung

The international Tem team at your service.
Dr. Heinz Engel
Director of Distributor Sales
Christoph Bucher
Director of Commercial Development
Elfriede Steffan
Key Account Manager
Jens Hendel
Key Account Manager

Europäisches Vertriebsteam

Dedicated sales and support for you – worldwide.

Regionale Vertriebsleitung

Vincent Piboubès
Directeur Général France & Belgium
Andrea Baroni
Regional Manager - Italy
Erich Christ
Senior Key Account Manager Germany


Anja Rettlinger
Inside Sales Manager

Vertrieb – Deutschland

Vera de Groot
Key Account Manager
Dr. Miria Moser
Key Account Manager
Claudia Ziegler
Key Account Manager
Dr. Johannes Müller
Key Account Manager
Ingo Litkiewicz
Key Account Manager

Vertrieb – Frankreich

No team members found

Vertrieb – Italien

Guido Bellussi
Area Manager

Vertrieb – Niederlande & Belgien

Wibo van Run
Area Manager

Vertrieb – UK & ROI

Jim Leith
Senior Key Account Manager UK
Declan Brennan
Sales Agent Ireland

Marketing & Produkt Management

We promote our innovative products to you.
Annekathrin Bels
Head of Marketing
Simone André
Marketing Development Manager
Frederike Fritsch
Product Manager
An Ruland
Product Manager
Dr. Matthias Werner
Product Manager Reagents

Forschung & Entwicklung und Produktion

We are committed to continuous innovation to make intuitive, high quality products that deliver robust point-of-care Performance.
Michael Klenk
Head of R&D Software
Harald Pfister
Head of Production

Medical Affairs

Our research aims on improving patients’ outcomes and reducing hospital costs.
Dr. Sylvie Nèble
Clinical Science Manager
Daniel Hediger
EVP Global KOL Relations
Dr. med. Klaus Görlinger
Medical Director


Customers first… Point of Contact.

ROTEM® Serviceline

Tel.: +49 (0)89 4542 9545
Fax: +49 (0)89 4542 9522
Email: support@tem-international.de


Tel.: +49 (0)89 4542 9556
Email: training@tem-international.de

Dr. Thomas Schäfer
Customer Service Director
Dieter Kraus
Technical Service Specialist
Manuela Geier
Technical Application Specialist
Jenny Kleegräfe
Technical Application Specialist
Gabriele Talotti
Technical Application Specialist - Italy
Dr. Karoline Brügelmann
Field Application Specialist
Peter Tövissy
Technical Service Specialist
Dr. Nils Tomi
Technical Application Specialist
Dr. Annegret Hartmann
Technical Application Specialist
Dr. Eva Gembe
Field Application Specialist