The ROTEM® platelet

Module for platelet aggregation

Used in conjunction with the ROTEM® delta, the system is operated at the patients’ Point of Care, allowing comprehensive, peri-operative bleeding management.*

ROTEM® platelet: Proven technologies in one system

The ROTEM® platelet measures platelet aggregation in whole blood samples using impedance aggregometry. The new device is run in conjunction with the ROTEM® delta, and is compatible with all existing ROTEM® delta models with serial numbers > 2000.


Easy and safe handling

The ROTEM® platelet characteristics are:

  • Dedicated single use cuvettes with electrodes
  • 2 channels can be used simultaneously
  • Measurement time is 6 min, while allowing for emergency samples

Measurements can be performed on the ROTEM® platelet device while running measurements on the ROTEM® delta system simultaneously.

Fast therapeutic decisions

  • First results in 6 minutes
  • 3 different parameters are available
    • AUC (area under the curve in Ohm*min)
    • A6 (amplitude at 6 min in Ohm)
    • MS (maximum slope of the aggregation graph in Ohm/min)

Safe near-patient diagnosis

With the ROTEM® platelet differential diagnosis, the type of a platelet aggregation disorder can be determined. Rapid test results can help clinicians identify between surgical bleeding and platelet dysfunction, and make the monitoring of platelet therapy possible.

Further advantages and product details

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