ROTEM® delta

The ROTEM® delta haemostasis analyser measures kinetic changes of the clot elasticity of whole blood samples.It allows quantitative and qualitative assessment by measuring different parameters of the clot status of the blood sample. 


Targeted therapy stops the bleeding.

Complicated bleeding situations can occur intra- and post-operatively. They can be life threatening and always require immediate action. A fast differential diagnosis is vital. It is also the basis of a targeted therapy.

The ROTEM®- analysis offers reliable results within 5-10 minutes and provides critical information about the efficacy of the therapy. Additionally the ROTEM®- analysis enables the monitoring and the course-modification of the therapy as needed.

The result is significantly improved patient outcome and lower healthcare cost per episode with subsequent cost savings benefit.


A comprehensive reagent portfolio provides a differential diagnosis

Reagent portfolio ROTEM delta


The differential ROTEM®- analysis can be performed at the patient´s point of care and provides information about

– hyperfibrinolysis,
– dilutional coagulopathies
– substitution of fibrinogen
– factors or platelets
– the control of heparin or protamine dosage.



ROTEM® platelet with ROTEM® delta: Proven technologies in one system

The complete ROTEM® system with ROTEM® delta and ROTEM® platelet provides an overview about the coagulation status
within 10 minutes with additional information on the detection of platelet function and aggregation.


More information about ROTEM® platelet


Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Touch screen monitor Easy operation
4 measuring channels Differential diagnosis capability when performing 4 test assays
First results within 5-10 minutes Fast patient results available for quick therapy decisions
Automatic pipette Easy and safe handling
Standardized test start time and mixing of reagents and blood samples
Pre-warming position for patient sample Ensures accurate test results
Unique range of reagents Allows differential diagnosis of coagulopathies
Single use reagents For easy, fast and reliable results
2 levels of controls Accurate and reliable quality control
On-board reagent tray Organized working area
Easy cleaning
Consistent colour-coding and barcode reader Prevents mistakes when handling reagents and results
Compact system Less space in OR/ ICU required
POC optimized intuitive software Step-by-step user instructions
Result curve overlay with standard curves for simplified interpretation
Patient curve overlay for easy therapy monitoring
Administrator rights available for individual settings
Simultaneous display of 4 channel results Graphical and numerical display of patient results
Help menu On-board learning programme that includes interpretation help and real patient case reports
HIS/ LIS connectivity capabilities Quick data transfer; incl. graphics and patient data management
ROTEM® Data Solutions Secure Viewer: view real-time results where it matters
Concentrator: connect several ROTEM® instruments via one interface
Database Commander: combine results from different ROTEM®instruments on one computer
Data export via USB-stick
Proven technology Rotational thromboelastometry published in over 900 articles in recent years
CE marked; ISO certified and FDA approved Certified and approved quality