ROTEM® delta

The ROTEM® delta haemostasis analyser measures kinetic changes of the clot elasticity of whole blood samples.

It allows quantitative and qualitative assessment by measuring different parameters of the clot status of the blood sample.


Targeted therapy stops the bleeding.

Complicated bleeding situations can occur intra- and post-operatively. They can be life threatening and always require immediate action. A fast differential diagnosis is vital. It is also the basis of a targeted therapy.

ROTEM® analysis offers reliable results within 5-10 minutes and provides critical information about the efficacy of the therapy. Additionally ROTEM® analysis enables the monitoring and the course-modification of the therapy as needed.

This results in significantly improved patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs per episode with subsequent cost saving benefits.

Easy and safe handling

  • Single use reagents for fast and reliable results
  • Automated pipette for standardised volumes
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Graphical, step-by-step instruction that simplify the test performance
  • Integrated learning programme with treatment algorithms and
    case reports from experts
  • Integrated troubleshooting for instant help

A comprehensive reagent portfolio provides a differential diagnosis

The differential ROTEM® analysis can be used at patient´s point of care and provides information about:

  • Hyperfibrinolysis
  • Dilutional coagulopathies
  • Substitution of fibrinogen
  • Factors or platelets
  • The control of heparin or protamine dosage

Fast therapeutic decisions

  • First results within 5-10 minutes
  • Differential diagnosis capability when performing 4 test assays
  • Simplified result analysis by colour-coded TEMograms and highlighted out of range results
  • Patient curve overlay for easy therapy monitoring
  • Result curve overlay with standard curves for simplified interpretation

Safe, near-patient testing

  • Instrument handling in a busy operating area enabled by the ball bearing stabilised technology of the ROTEM® thromboelastometry
  • Differential diagnosis by the combination of up to 8 different assays
  • The barcode scanner prevents the use of wrong or expired reagents
  • Quality controls: ROTROL N (Level I); ROTROL P (Level II)

ROTEM® platelet with ROTEM® delta: Proven technologies in one system

The complete ROTEM® system with ROTEM® delta and ROTEM® platelet provides an overview about the coagulation status within 10 minutes with additional information on the detection of platelet function and aggregation, using impedance aggregometry.

Further advantages and product details

The economic and the clinical effectiveness of ROTEM®-diagnostic was demonstrated in clinical studies and health technology assessments. This resulted in the following recommendations: ESA guideline, ASA guideline, NICE recommendation, PPH guidance of the SSC ISTH and European Trauma Guideline.

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