ROTEM® Data solutions

Information on time where it is needed.

Data solutions

All test results are available in numerical and graphical form. Transfer to LIS / HIS systems or real-time transmission to the remote PCs is available. Data security is ensured by the integrated password protection in user management.

ROTEM® Secure Viewer


Ref.-Nr.: 200178

Allows real time data transfer to a remote screen and enables to see the results where and when they are needed.

ROTEM® Connectivity Kit

Allows data transfer to the LIS / HIS with or without graphics (TEMogram) and easy management of patient data requests.

  • connecting several ROTEM® instruments by ONE interface with the capability of uni- and bidirectional data transfer
  • distributed by
Connectivity Kit

ROTEM® connect


Ref.-Nr.: 206304

  • Offers real-time, patient specific results to any authorized remote user via the browser-based ROTEM® live module
  • Enables sharing of information between and from multiple analyzers on a hospital network
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