The Bleeding Management System

ROTEM® analysis offers reliable results within 5–10 minutes

ROTEM® analysis gives results that can guide optimal treatment.

Improved patient outcomes

Perioperative bleeding can be life threatening and requires immediate action. ROTEM® facilitates the management of bleeding episodes as they can occur in major surgery, such as:

  • Cardiac and vascular transplantation
  • Trauma
  • Tumor removal
  • Orthopedic
  • Obstetrics

and others.

Targeted therapy shortens surgical procedures and improves patient outcome!


Numerous benefits with the ROTEM® bleeding management system

Satisfactory outcomes in surgical procedures strongly depend on the early and adequate control of all related risk factors. A major bleed is known to disturb the field of view, prolong the procedure duration, and worsen the patient’s outcome. Furthermore, the adverse effects of avoidable transfusions increase patient stay-time in the ICU and limits the amount of potential surgery. Unnecessary patient re-openings caused by coagulation disorders waste theatre capacity and surgeons’ worktime.

Point of Care coagulation monitoring


In order to maximise the number of surgical procedures and corresponding reimbursement, prospective and comprehensive near-patient bleeding management is preferable. The ROTEM® system is a unique diagnostic tool for point-of-care coagulation monitoring; providing advanced bleeding management in several surgical sectors such as liver transplantation, trauma, cardiac and vascular surgery, tumour removal, orthopaedic surgery, or obstetrics. Besides its impact on the improvement of surgical workflow, it helps the theatre team to simplify the distinction between surgical bleeding and coagulopathy.

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