ROTEM® delta

The ROTEM® delta Thromboelastometry systems are designed for in vitro diagnostics in the POC field or in hospital laboratories. The system is intended to provide a quantitative and qualitative indication of the coagulation state of a blood sample. The system records the kinetic changes in a sample of citrated whole blood during clot formation as well as when the sample clot retracts and/or lyses.

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Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Touch screen monitor Easy operation
4 measuring channels Differential diagnosis capability when performing 4 test assays
First results within 5-10 minutes Fast patient results available for quick therapy decisions
Automatic pipette Easy and safe handling
Standardized test start time and mixing of reagents and blood samples
Pre-warming position for patient sample Ensures accurate test results
Unique range of reagents Allows differential diagnosis of coagulopathies
Single use reagents For easy, fast and reliable results
2 levels of controls Accurate and reliable quality control
On-board reagent tray Organized working area
Easy cleaning
Consistent colour-coding and barcode reader Prevents mistakes when handling reagents and results
Compact system Less space in OR/ ICU required
POC optimized intuitive software Step-by-step user instructions
Result curve overlay with standard curves for simplified interpretation
Patient curve overlay for easy therapy monitoring
Administrator rights available for individual settings
Simultaneous display of 4 channel results Graphical and numerical display of patient results
Help menu On-board learning programme that includes interpretation help and real patient case reports
HIS/ LIS connectivity capabilities Quick data transfer; incl. graphics and patient data management
ROTEM® Data Solutions Secure Viewer: view real-time results where it matters
Concentrator: connect several ROTEM® instruments via one interface
Database Commander: combine results from different ROTEM®instruments on one computer
Data export via USB-stick
Proven technology Rotational thromboelastometry published in over 400 articles in recent years
CE marked; ISO certified and FDA approved Certified and approved quality