About us

Welcome to
Tem International GmbH /
Tem Innovations GmbH.

Our company

The Tem group is a modern and international medical technology company.
Tem Innovations GmbH deals with the development and production of ROTEM® point-of-care diagnostic equipment and reagents.
The affiliate company Tem International GmbH handles the distribution, marketing and customer service for the product range worldwide.
The global activities of the company are coordinated from the global headquarter in Munich. Since its founding in 2000, the group now employs about 150 people worldwide.

In the major European markets including Germany and in the USA the distribution of the products take place with the help of a direct sales team. Worldwide, the Tem International GmbH collaborates with a variety of different distribution companies.


For the continuous improvement of all processes, the Tem group runs a full quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2003 + AC: 2009.


Our Vision

The optimization of bleeding- and transfusion management with the goal to improve patient treatment and realize cost savings will become a key challenge in modern patient care in the future.
By consistently pursuing our customer-oriented research and development projects and through cooperation with appropriate partners, we achieve a leading market position for optimally adapted diagnostic products for effective bleeding management at the patients’ point of care.

Innovation und Technology

“Targeted therapy stops the bleeding.” This key statement aimed at our customers, drives all innovation activities at Tem®. Easy and failsafe user handling is ensured by continuous hardware and software improvements, embedded into our fully CE and FDA compliant development processes.

A worldwide network of clinical and research physicians as well as manufacturing partners constitute the core of our test assay development activities.
Fast and efficient response to market needs are assured by high innovation standards, company-wide innovation process control and annual R&D spending.


From the beginning our company has had a very close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.
In the future, we will continue to develop these close relationships across the globe, as this is the foundation of our success.


Co-operation partners

CORADIN SAS – www.coradin.com

Chrono-log Corp. – www.chronolog.com

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd Branch Pentapharm – www.pentapharm.com

Hart Biologicals Ltd – http://www.hartbio.co.uk/

PressFinish GmbH – www.pressfinish.de