ROTEM®–technology as a part of Patient Blood Management – a study of the Royal Columbian Hospital and the Vancouver General Hospital in Canada

The constant need of fresh blood products as well as a reduced number of blood donors led the Royal Columbian Hospital and the Vancouver General Hospital in Canada to an introduction of Patient Blood Management programs. In consequence of these activities both hospitals implemented ROTEM®-systems. The clinical study carried out there in the years 2012 and 2013 compares usual heart surgery and heart surgery with the use of a blood-conservation plan. Within the study, a reduction of red blood cells, platelets and plasma could be recognized with the use of ROTEM®-systems. Furthermore, the damage to kidneys from inappropriate transfusions could be reduced, money could be saved and the patients‘ health could be enhanced. The result of this study underlines the trend in the recent Patient Blood Management to use transfusions of single blood components instead of whole blood transfusions for a best possible healing process of the patient. ROTEM®-technology […]

9. January 2015|Miscellaneous news|

ROTEM® E-Learning – The contemporary approach to permanent education

The “ROTEM® e-Learning Platform” offers the ROTEM® user a vast selection of high-quality learning media. They can be used conveniently around the clock, at home or at work, on a personal computer, smartphone
or tablet. Our special offer: The use of this online service is free of charge!

The training program consists of three fields: “essentials”, “operation” and “interpretation”. Users may choose any of the fields depending on their interests, needs and current knowledge level.

With informative videos, animations and corresponding questions, users can quickly build up knowledge. The modules are divided in the areas “Basic” for new users and “Advanced” for advanced ROTEM® users.

In addition to the detailed training field, in which the safe handling of the ROTEM® delta system is trained step by step, you have the opportunity to gain an online-diploma in the fields “Basic“ and “Advanced“.
A learning control is possible at the end of the […]

11. December 2014|Product News|

Point of Care Coagulation Testing with ROTEM® – Case Study of the Prince Charles Hospital Brisbane Australia

Due to actual discussions on blood usage and the associated risks and costs the video on You Tube demonstrates the solution for a goal directed approach at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane and their work with Patient Blood Management and ROTEM®.

This case study illustrates efforts undertaken by clinical staff at The Prince Charles Hospital in detecting, managing and monitoring critical bleeding in cardiac surgery patients through the use of Point of Care Coagulation Testing with ROTEM®.

Klick here for case example on YouTube

5. December 2014|Miscellaneous news|

ROTEM® is recommended in the NICE diagnostics guidance report [DG13] in UK

NICE has assessed viscoelastometric point-of-care testing devices, to help the NHS (National Health Service) to decide whether the use of these products is clinically and cost-effective.

Viscoelastometric point-of-care testing may be useful to help determine if bleeding is based on a reduced blood’s ability to clot or due to surgical reasons. This helps the doctor choosing the right treatment to stop bleeding. Using these systems may mean that patients are less likely to be transfused during and after surgery and to have to undergo revision surgery due to ongoing bleeding.

NICE has recommended viscoelastic testing devices – the ROTEM® system from Tem International GmbH – to help detect and manage life-threating bleeding in patients during and after cardiac surgery.

The NICE’s Health Technologies Adoption program works together with NHS centers to gain and share their experiences in using viscoelastometric point-of-care testing devices with other centers which may want to start using one […]

16. September 2014|Product News|

New device ROTEM® platelet

Tem International GmbH provides the new ROTEM® platelet module as from November 2013.
The ROTEM® platelet measures platelet aggregation in whole blood samples using impedance aggregometry.
The new device is run in conjunction with the ROTEM® delta, and is compatible with all existing ROTEM® delta models with serial numbers > 2000.
The ROTEM® platelet supplements the platelet function analysis in the ROTEM® – guided peri-operative bleeding management.

more information

27. November 2013|Product News|

ROTEM® News 02-2013

The current issue focusses on the topic European guidelines for severe bleeding management.
In this newsletter we highlight recommendations of recently published European guidelines
for severe bleeding management dealing with the use of viscoelastic testing and goal-directed
therapy in clinical settings.


21. November 2013|Miscellaneous news|

ROTEM® News 01-2013

The current issue focusses on the topic trauma.

Besides an interview with Dr. Herbert Schöchl, anesthetist and intensivist from Salzburg (Austria), we present an interesting case report in the section “Interpretation Guide” for you. A current recommended reading from the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, entitled “Early and individualized goal-directed therapy for trauma-induced coagulopathy” is pointed out.


5. April 2013|Miscellaneous news|

ROTEM® News 03-2012

In this and the coming newsletters, specific topics will be discussed.

The current issue focusses on the topic post-partum haemorrhage.
Besides an interesting interview with Dr. Alexander Hanke, anesthesiologist and intensivist from Hannover Medical School (Germany), we provide an interesting case study in the section “Interpretation Guide” for you.

For the full ROTEM® News click here.

19. December 2012|Miscellaneous news|

Tem Innovations GmbH receives approval for the ROTEM® delta system in Canada

Munich, Germany (23. September 2012):
The Canadian regulatory authority Health Canada has approved the sale of the ROTEM® delta hemostasis analyzer system of Tem Innovations GmbH in Canada. Therefore another global market can benefit from the ROTEM® delta system as an ideal analysis tool for rapid and effective blood management. The ROTEM® delta unit with its unique five assays (in-tem®, ex-tem®, hep-tem®, fib-tem® and ap-tem®)  provides detailed hemostasis information to physicians in cardiac and vascular surgery,   tumor resection or transplantation, orthopedic surgery, trauma care and obstetrics. With more detailed hemostasis information at the clinician’s disposal, patient outcomes have been shown to improve and hospital expenses related to blood products decrease.


23. September 2012|Company News|

ROTEM® News 02-2012

Besides an exciting interview about the implementation of a ROTEM® system in the clinical practice with Dr. Lynne Anderson, we provide new practical interpretation cases for you.

In the column “frequently asked question of the month” the customer service explains the data export from the database.

recent prospective randomized study of the university hospital Frankfurt am Main on “Point-of-Care Testing” will be presented in the literature section.

Moreover, we inform you about the upcoming international conferences and events.


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